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Welded Mesh Panels

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Welded Mesh Panels in Birmingham

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At Park Lane Fencing, we can offer your commercial property a wide range of high-quality Welded Mesh Panels. As a fantastic alternative to Palisade Fencing this subtle, yet secure material offers your property high-level security, whilst providing great visibility to your commercial establishment.

Security Fencing Specifications

We have a wide range of Welded Mesh Panels available to our clients across the West Midlands & the UK. It’s important to understand each of the specifications for all of our Security Fencing Materials, so you can choose the right one for your property.

Especially manufactured and designed for high-level security, all of our Welded Mesh Panels are available across a wide range of commercial properties in and around Birmingham & the West Midlands region. Below is a list of product specifications we have available. Click a Product below for more information:


Keeping balls within the areas of play is essential in many sports, and our strong and durable Ballstop Netting™ will both prevent them escaping and ensure there are no stoppages.

Available in heights from 0.5 to 6m, and in a range of mesh densities, this cost-effective netting easily integrates with any fencing system, particularly our Dulok Sports™ system. The thick weather-resistant mesh is hard-wearing and fits to posts easily, with a strong line wire for added support.

Ballstop Netting™ is ideal for preventing lost equipment in schools, for enhancing the appeal of MUGAs (multi-purpose game areas), and it comes in extremely useful in a variety of amateur and professional sports, where ball containment is vital.

Plus it’s available in a range of colours, so you can match it with existing fencing or to your club colours.


Stopping people from cutting through or climbing over your fencing system is essential for schools, sports grounds and many other public places. Dulok™ prevents both, with its double wire system acting as a solid barrier and panel heights of up to 6m serving as a mighty obstacle.

Each steel panel features twin 8mm wires welded either side of 6mm vertical wires, giving would-be intruders little chance of breaking through. Panels are fixed to steel posts using sturdy clamps and secured with pin hex security screws, with no visible fixings on the back of posts.

Available in a wide variety of RAL colours and over 20 different heights, Dulok™ fencing can be tailored for every installation. And with the system conforming to BS 1722-14 for open mesh steel panel fences, you have the peace of mind that it’s a sound investment.


As one of the strongest and most impenetrable fence systems on the market, the Dulok-25™ double wire panel system is a hugely popular perimeter choice when high security is vital.

With two solid steel 8mm horizontal wires welded either side of 6mm vertical wires spaced just 25mm apart, Dulok-25™ fencing is extremely dense and very difficult to cut through. Installation is quick and easy too, with panels fixed to each sturdy steel post using a full length clamp bar and pin hex security screws.

Available in heights up to 6m, it’s the ideal choice for data centres, secure units, police stations and Ministry Of Defence sites. Dulok-25™ also conforms to BS 1722-14 for open mesh steel panel fences. And with a range of RAL colours available, you can match your fencing up with an existing corporate colour scheme.


The amount of security accreditation a fencing system possesses reflects the level of protection it offers, and the Dulok-6 SR1™ double wire panel system has lots. This provides great confidence whether you’re a school, a retail development or a business owner.

This more secure version of our cost-effective Dulok-Lite™ system uses a full length clamp bar instead of clips and Sheardrive fixings instead of pin hex bolts to secure panels to posts. These enhancements mean Dulok-6 SR1™ is recognised as an effective form of crime prevention by the UK Police’s Secured by Design initiative.

With certification to Loss Prevention Standards 1175 Security Ratings (SR1), Dulok-6 SR1™ will also stop basic tool attacks, with the 3m wide panels and twin welded wires proving very hard to cut through. You can also add an extra layer of defence by using our Active Anti-Intruder topping


The perfect example of a true multi-use fencing system, the Dulok-Lite™ double wire panel system is suitable anywhere you need a basic level of anti-cut-through protection, including school playgrounds, secure car parks, public buildings, business parks and retail premises.

While it may be the little brother of our super-high Dulok™ fencing, Dulok-Lite™ still has twin 6mm diameter horizontal wires either side of 5mm diameter vertical wires, providing an excellent defence against vandals and intruders.

Panels are fixed to steel posts using metal clips with tamper-proof angled returns, which are secured in place with pin hex screws for added security. And if you need even more protection, Dulok-Lite™ is available in a Secured by Design option – Dulok-6 SR1™

For quality assurance and added peace of mind, the system also conforms to BS 1722-14 for open mesh steel panel fences.


As the fencing system that is designed to stand up everything that’s thrown or kicked onto it, Dulok Rebound™ features highly dense double steel wire mesh panels that will absorb the shock of even smaller balls and return them to play without interruption.

This means you can move away from traditional plywood, timber or prison mesh rebound boards around your school, sports grounds or MUGA (multi-purpose game area), and instead opt for a fencing system that’s hard to cut through, practical and undoubtedly attractive.

You can choose Dulok Rebound™ panels – with horizontal wires 66.5mm apart – around your entire perimeter. Or you can combine with our Dulok Sports™ panels – with 200mm spaces between horizontal wires – to create a fence with a denser aperture towards the bottom, and with more visibility higher up. Either way, you’ll be investing in a high quality sporting perimeter that’s built to last.


You should never compromise on quality, even when you only need a low level of security. That’s why we offer Eclipse-Lite™ – a profiled panel fencing system that’s both extremely well made and incredibly cost effective.

This alternative of our Eclipse™ fencing system features slightly thinner vertical wires (4mm rather than the 5mm) and easy fixing matching plastic clips instead of metal ones.

It’s these small changes that make Eclipse-Lite™ much more economical than other options, while still offering excellent security for premises including car parks, solar sites and other open spaces.

Despite costs being lower, the mesh panels of Eclipse-Lite™ still feature fully resistant welded joints and 30mm projecting spikes to deter vandals. And just like its big brother, the fencing system is available in a many RAL colours to match any organisation’s current branding.


Modern-look fencing not only provides a great first impression to clients, visitors and guests, but adds that look of quality when putting the finishing touches to a new build. Fenceogril™ gives you that essential architectural appeal.

Available in several heights and finished in any RAL colour you like, the high quality rigid fencing system fits seamlessly around any property or premises.

Hugely flexible for a range of uses, from residential and public areas to schools, offices and even industrial sites, the unique modular design of Fenceogril™ makes it very easy to install.

As the lightest of the rigid grill systems in our UniGril range, it’s extremely cost-effective too. And despite offering a lower security grade, it’s stronger and harder-wearing than many similar generic fences.

Contact us for more information regarding the Fenceogril™ system.


When you need high quality multi-purpose fencing, the hugely popular Exempla™ profiled panel system not only looks great, but provides a robust first line of defence for public buildings, schools, car parks and retail premises.

Designed for quick and simple installation, Exempla™ features rigid mesh panels held securely to strong steel posts and held in place with a sturdy channel clamp bar. Our unique hidden fixing system SafeTfix™ makes it effortlessly easy to step panels up or down a slope.

Profiled for extra strength, panels are made from 5mm galvanised steel wires with polyester powder coated welds at each cross over point, so you can be confident your fencing is well protected from the elements.

Available in a choice of RAL colours to match your branding, plus a wide range of heights up to 3m, we can tailor-make Exempla™ fencing to fit your organisation perfectly.

Contact us to get further information on the Exempla™ profiled panel system.


Ideal for protecting your physical assets, the Eclipse™ profiled panel system helps prevent vandalism, with the strong welded steel mesh panel and hostile 30mm projecting spikes providing ample deterrent against even the most determined intruders.

This economical version of our Exempla™ wire mesh fencing panel system uses strong wrap-around metal clips (rather than a clamp bar) to hold the welded steel mesh panels to the solid steel posts.

These clips – with 90º angled returns that prevent tampering – fit into threaded inserts on the posts and are fixed in place using pin-torx bolts for enhanced security.

The mesh panels are galvanised and polyester powder-coated, so they’ll look smart for many years. And whether it protects public buildings, car parks, business parks or retail premises, the Eclipse system is available in a range of RAL colours, so you can match it with your corporate colour scheme.


The style of your perimeter fencing can often be of equal or greater importance to the level of protection you need. And when this is the case, the Multiplus™ system is the fencing for you.

The welded steel wire mesh panels feature large upper profiles for extra strength and groups of 6 wires with 45mm gaps. This popular decorative effect gives your fencing a uniquely stylish ‘striped’ appearance and makes panels incredibly difficult to both cut through and climb.

Multiplus™ looks great around public buildings, schools, retail premises and industrial buildings. And with steel security clips and hex bolts fixing each panel to the galvanised steel posts, this fencing system is built to last.

Multiplus™ also conforms to BS 1722-14 for open mesh steel panel fences, providing excellent quality assurances.


There are times when fencing needs to be as practical and hard wearing as it is attractive, and the Rotop™ rigid panel system is exactly that. The welded steel mesh panels with rolled top and bottom beams acts as an ideal perimeter while providing essential rigidity and safety.

Perfect in places such as schools and stadia, Rotop™ will keep its shape and remain strong despite the daily impacts of people and sporting equipment. Alternative uses include car parks, business parks and retail premises.

Each fencing panel is fitted to steel posts using a full length channel clamp bar, while SafeTfix™ hidden security fixing allows for easy stepping when faced with a gradient. With many height options and RAL colours to choose from, it’s a great all-round fencing solution.

Rotop™ also conforms to BS 1722-14 for open mesh steel panel fences, plus you get the added peace of mind of our standard 15 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.


Enjoy the combination of a pleasant architectural boundary and superb security features with our heavy duty Safeogril™ system.

Available in a range of heights , Safeogril™ has a strong and robust welded frame and a thick vertical flat bar – available with square or rectangular hollow steel posts – enhancing the rigidity of the system and extending the cut through time in the event of an attack.

The system is perfect for enclosed areas and provides more than adequate protection for commercial buildings, multi-storey car parks, public areas and utility suppliers.

The mesh panels offer excellent visibility and in being galvanised and polyester powder coated to any RAL colour you choose, Safeogril™ will serve as stylish and contemporary perimeter fencing for your organisation or premises for years to come.


Keeping up with the modernity of the many new build structures in urban areas can be challenging. But with high quality perimeter fencing like Secureogril™, you can have a professional, contemporary boundary to your premises regardless of the age or style of your buildings.

Secureogril™ is the most versatile product within our rigid fencing range, offering a modern feel together with a host of security features that make it ideal for hospitals, hi-tech commercial buildings, utility facilities, and modern industrial sites.

The hard wearing and heavy duty condensed mesh panels are difficult to cut through, and being hot dipped galvanised and polyester powder coated, it’ll stand up to the harshest environments.

The flexibility of Secureogril™ means that it will slot in perfectly around any residential or commercial premises, and with a range of RAL colours to choose from, it’s highly customisable.


Immensely versatile, incredibly hard wearing and undoubtedly attractive, Securus™ is a popular high level security fencing choice for everywhere from schools and business parks right up to police stations, secure units and Ministry Of Defence facilities.

The dense, welded steel wires that form each mesh panel are extremely difficult to climb over, and with each panel fixed to a continuous flanged steel post using non removable shear nuts, the strength of Securus™ ensures a great defence from vandals and intruders.

With the flush finish of the panels, there’s no overlapping, so installation is quick and easy. This also makes Securus™ ideal for sports facilities as an alternative to conventional rebound boards. It’s available in a range of RAL colours too, so you can match it with your organisation’s colour scheme.


When you need cost-effective security fencing and your main aim is preventing people from gaining access to your premises, the close mesh panels of Securus-Lite™ make it the ideal anti-climb option.

Each hard-wearing mesh panel is fixed to galvanised steel square posts using slim-yet-sturdy full length clamp bars and strong through bolts. This ensures quick and easy installation around any perimeter and maintains a great defence against any potential intruders.

Securus-Lite™ is hugely flexible for a range of high security locations, from schools, industrial and commercial units, police stations and secure units, Ministry of Defence sites, airports and seaports.

You also have quality assurances with this system conforming to BS 1722-14 for open mesh steel panel fences and Loss Prevention Standards 1175 Category 1 for fences at 2.4m and 3m high.


The strength of your fencing system can make the difference when it comes to protecting your high level premises, valuable stock and important people. The tight upper profile of Securus Profiled™ does all of this and more.

Offering all of the same great security features and aesthetics of the flat panel Securus™ system, the Securus Profiled™ system is versatile, durable and attractive, with the profile enhancement adding an extra level of rigidity to an already-solid structure.

Each welded steel wire panels is fixed securely to the continuous flanged steel post using non removable shear nuts, providing a fantastic outer perimeter for clients who need high level security.

Securus Profiled™ also conforms to BS 1722-14 for open mesh steel panel fences, giving added peace of mind to the schools, businesses and government departments who use it.


Few things demonstrate your commitment to protecting your people and property more than a premium high security fencing system. Securus SR1™ welded steel wire mesh fencing is both highly attractive and a formidable defence against intruders.

Ideal wherever physical security is paramount: schools, police stations, utility suppliers and even airports, it’s hugely effective in the prevention of everything from vandalism to burglary and even terrorism.

Strong and durable, the anti-climb mesh fencing is fixed to a steel post with a solid clamp bar for added security. The system also carries certification to Loss Prevention Standards 1175 Security Ratings (SR1) to withstand basic tool attacks, with the ability to easily upgrade to level 2.

Conforming to BS 1722-14 Category 4 for extra high security fences over 3m, it provides eternal confidence that your assets are safe. You can also enhance your system with items like razor wire from our Active Anti-Intruder range.


Transform the appearance, security and safety of any size games area with our complete Sports Pitch Fencing Systems™ package. With the ability to customise every aspect to suit all sports, you can enhance anywhere from a domestic kick-about area right up to a full-size rugby pitch.

Schools, councils and professional clubs can use our expertise to create modern, highly appealing pitch perimeters that are designed and finished to the highest standards in line with the latest safety regulations and recommendations from sporting bodies.

The range of features available with our Sports Pitch Fencing Systems™ enable several sports to be played in the same location, with the inclusion of goals in the fence line, built-in basketball hoops and retractable pitch dividers creating a multi-sport arena.

Additional options include nylon ball catch netting, timber kick-boards and laser cut motifs or advertising boards that can be integrated with fencing panels.


When hosting any spectator sport, you should always have an appropriate barrier between the crowd and the field of play. Our incredibly popular Sports Rail™ fencing creates that safe perimeter around the action, while giving spectators a strong and comfortable rail to lean on.

Versatile and attractive enough to be installed in school playgrounds and around running tracks, Sports Rail™ is incredibly simple to install thanks to its quick and easy clamp system. And if hockey or other field sports are being played, there’s even an option to add a kickboard to prevent ball damage.

You can choose from a range of panels, from flat and profiled to our double wire Dulok™ system with RHS steel posts for added strength and security. We even offer solid panels so that you can feature corporate advertising boards and generate revenue for your school or sports club.


With so many perimeter fencing systems to choose from, it can be difficult to pick the one that’s right for you. But like its name suggests, our Ultimate™ profiled panel system is one of the most popular, highest quality and hugely versatile options.

Approved by many planning authorities, this welded steel wire mesh panel system is suitable for industrial and public buildings, schools, and even high security locations like airports and seaports.

Ultimate™ offers strong profiled panels with close wire centres, which are fixed securely to posts using a full length clamp bar. This not only makes your fencing exceptionally secure and difficult for intruders to climb, but it looks modern and stylish around the border of your premises.

Spikes at the top of each panel enhance the security of Ultimate™ fencing, plus you have the added peace of mind that it conforms to BS 1722-14 for open mesh steel panel fences.


An adaptation of our Ultimate™ profiled panel perimeter fencing, Ultimate Extra™ is an enhanced high level security system thanks to thicker and denser wire panels; the ideal choice for important premises such as schools, seaports and airports.

The 6mm diameter vertical steel wires are welded to each horizontal wire just 25mm apart on each panel, providing great strength and proving very difficult to climb; essential when you need to protect high value property and ensure people’s safety.

Upper profiles add to the strength of the fencing, along with a galvanised and polyester powder coated post and clamp bar that’s fixed with steel bolts.

Approved by many planning authorities, and conforming to BS 1722-14 for open mesh steel panel fences, Ultimate Extra™ is of proven high quality. This popular choice also offers excellent visibility despite the close wire centres and regardless of the RAL colour you decide upon.


The protection of high security places including airports, seaports and prestigious buildings can only be achieved with a high quality perimeter fencing system, and the security features of Vizogril™ make it a top class choice.

Totally modern and renowned for its stability in the architectural world, the condensed strong mesh panels are incredibly difficult to cut through, and with various heights, Vizogril™ provides the perfect rugged boundary around your premises.

The rigid system also conforms to BS 1722 fencing standards, providing excellent quality assurances and a guarantee that you’re investing in fencing that will perform to your expectations.

And in addition to the huge safety benefits they offer, Vizogril™ panels and posts are galvanised and polyester powder coated to any RAL colour, so they’ll look good for many years after installation.

All of our Fencing Contractors are highly trained and experts in their field. So, if you have any questions regarding our Welded Mesh Panels materials or installation - then please feel free to get in touch with us today and we will happily answer your queries you may have.

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